Ghana into second phase of PPP programme

Phase two of a PPP initiative to develop projects in Ghana has just been launched.

The World Bank launched the $30m Ghana IDA Public Private Partnership (PPP) Project in 2012 with the plan to encourage PPPs and providing the technical assistance needed to develop projects.

Phase two of the programme, entitled PPP Pipeline Preparation and Transaction Advisory Support, focuses on supporting the government to develop a commercially viable PPP pipeline of competitively bid PPP projects to financial close.

The World Bank will help procure transaction advisory services in a transparent and competitive manner. The transaction advisors are expected to follow a two phase approach, as outlined in The National Policy on PPPs, where Phase 1 assesses the viability of projects as PPPs through undertaking a pre-feasibility study.

If a project is deemed viable, Phase 2 progresses to a full feasibility study which entails undertaking a thorough due diligence of the transaction and preparing it to commercial and financial close. If the pre-feasibility study concludes that a project is not viable as a PPP, the transaction advisory services are terminated at that stage.

Most projects are at very early stages of procuring transaction advisors.