Croatia alters two cross-sector PPPs

A tender has been re-launched and a deadline extended on two cross-sector PPPs in Croatia.

The country’s Center for Monitoring Business Activities in the Energy Sector and Investments is to re-launch the tender for the Dr Ivan Barbot hospital project in Popovaca, as well as extending the selection deadline for the Justice Square deal in Zagreb.

As part of the hospital deal, a private partner will assume responsibility for the development of a neuropsychiatric hospital, which will also include building, maintenance, purchase and installation of furniture and equipment for the facility.

The deadline has now been extended until 12 November for the Justice Square PPP, which will include the design, finance, construction, maintenance and management of the project.

Under the plans, the winning team will be responsible for the creation of a new court facility over an area of around 50,000m2 involving offices, conference halls, restaurants and a garage.