Capita unveils new health unit

Consultancy and business management firm Capita has launched a new division to capitalise on the growing interest in using private sector skills to increase efficiency in the NHS estate.

Capita Health Partners brings together a range of expertise from across the Capita business to work with NHS organisations in the delivery of transformation across the health sector.

“It offers a delivery-focused approach to the key challenges of health and social care integration, efficiency and cost saving targets, the use of information and effective management of resources,” the firm said.

The new unit will be led by executive director Richard Darch, who worked in the health estate sector as executive director of Healthcare Partnering before joining Capita in July this year.

“Our commercial ‘insourcing’ model delivers value by bringing expertise from Capita to work alongside the trust to identify and implement efficiency improvements,” he explained.

Trusts are increasingly looking to develop long-term partnerships with the private sector, particularly when it comes to improving their estates. In November, the Isle of Wight NHS Trust and Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust appointed Ryhurst and Interserve respectively to establish strategic estate partnerships.