Herts to consider alternative waste options

Hertfordshire County Council has asked its PFI contractor to consider alternative options for its waste treatment after planning permission for the existing site was denied.

The council’s cabinet has now agreed to ask Veolia if it will look into new options to deal with its waste, after Communities Secretary Eric Pickles ruled against plans to build a recycling and energy recovery plant on the New Barnfield site.

“Veolia will be asked to prepare an alternative option for the long-term treatment of Hertfordshire’s residual waste,” said Terry Douris, cabinet member for waste management at the authority. “They will have six months to complete this work. We’ll then carefully consider their proposal before deciding whether to continue with Veolia or request termination of the contract.”

In October, it was announced that the authority’s waste PFI credits were being withdrawn, despite the fact that the council has already signed the £200m contract with Veolia to deliver the plant.

The environment department decided that the facility was not needed to meet the country’s EU waste treatment targets.

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