Maitland hospital faces political battle

The new Maitland hospital in New South Wales (NSW) could find itself at the heart of a political battle in the run-up to the state elections in March 2015.

Although no funding route has yet been chosen for the proposed new hospital, the opposition Labor Party has pledged not to use a PPP model should it win the election.

It was reported in March this year that the incumbent Liberal government was looking to deliver the project via a PPP, but the government is now not expected to confirm a funding route until after next year’s election.

“Under a Labor government, the new Maitland Hospital will be publicly run – not operated by the private sector,” NSW Opposition leader John Robertson said.

“The choice in the forthcoming election will be clear - a vote for Labor will be a vote for a public hospital, but a vote for the Liberals will be a vote for a privatised hospital run for profit.”

The comments came just a day after a preferred bidder was chosen for Australia’s Northern Beaches Hospital, which will be delivered through a PPP and is also based in NSW. 

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