Germany to tap into new EU investment fund

Germany is vying for a large piece of a recently announced EU €300bn investment plan.

Last month, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker unveiled plans for a €315bn plan to boost growth and infrastructure within the European Union.

 The German government has listed 58 investment projects that have the potential to use the fund.

Marianne Kothe, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Finance, said: "We have identified 58 projects with a volume of €89bn that cover different sectors of the economy." She added that the list would now be sent to Brussels for final approval.

Among the projects Germany is to target include the upgrading of internet connections across the country, including underprivileged rural areas. Up to €13.5bn is to be spent on projects in support of wind energy while €10bn is to be channelled towards extending Germany's Autobahn highway network.

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