Bavarian govt showcases PPP

A senior figure in the Bavarian government has demonstrated how the state can support municipalities who wish to use PPP.

Gerhard Eck, the State Secretary in the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior, of Construction and Transport, has highlighted the Bavarian State Government’s 10-year experience in using PPPs and aims to bundle public and private knowledge of PPP projects to achieve a broad consensus in Bavaria on the model. 

He said the state building authority will advise municipalities on PPP procurement and management at no cost to the local authority.

Eck was speaking in Bayreuth on the second stop of the ‘PPP INFOTOUR 2015’, a three-part tour to share PPP knowledge with public sector officials. Industry representatives including DZ Bank, Hochtief and Bilfinger have presented case studies on successful PPP projects at the workshops in Bayreuth and in Regensburg. The next workshop is in Augsburg on 25 November.

Eck also said: "With the Bavarian model, we have shown that PPP projects even without private financing are possible.”