Philippines PPP bill progresses

The Philippines’ Public-Private Partnership Act of 2015 has moved a step closer to being enacted after passing a vote in Parliament.

The House committee on appropriations has voted in favour of the bill by 16-2, bringing it a step closer to coming into law.

Efforts to get the bill passed are speeding up to ensure it becomes law before President Benigno Aquino steps down at the end of his term in office in 2016.

The government wants to implement the bill to institutionalise the PPP programme and ensure the model developed in the country can continue to be a tool for future governments looking to invest in infrastructure.

“The Act ensures that the present credible, transparent and accountable procurement processes of PPP projects are sustained and will be honoured in succeeding administrations,” Eleazar Ricote, deputy executive director at the country’s PPP Centre, told Partnerships Bulletin in his interview in the September issue of the magazine.