Skanska reveals regional PPP plans

Swedish construction giant hails ‘hot’ US P3 market; firm presents outlook across Europe

The firm’s executive vice president Richard Cavallaro stressed that it now saw a "real pipeline in the US" and that the firm was strengthening its delivery method to cater for the growth, especially in the social sector.

Within the country, the firm is now looking to strengthen its position in what it sees as the high-growth markets, including Texas, California, New York and Florida. In addition it is to expand with clients into Arizona, Nevada, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Colorado, according to Cavallaro.

The firm also backed its European operations, with particular focus on the UK and Norway.  Mats Williamson, EVP, Skanska, said that the UK construction market between 2010-15 bounced back slower than expected. But he added that the group’s primary geographic focus in the UK will continue to be Greater London and the regions of Bristol and Cambridge, while opportunities in Manchester and Birmingham will be evaluated. 

Williamson also revealed that the Norwegian market was "coming", while the market in its native Sweden "remains to be seen".

Bundled design-build-finance projects or multi-use developments PPPs are also seen as a growth opportunity for the group, with the Malmo Live complex in Sweden cited as a good example of what the company want to do in the US and beyond.

Following the divestment of the Barts and London hospitals PPP earlier this week, Williamson said Barts was a good example of the firm’s existing model.