Barcelona accommodation PPP launched

A university in Barcelona has tendered a concession contract to finance and build an accommodation building

The University of Barcelona (UB) is seeking a private partner to finance and build university accommodation at the Bellvitge Health Sciences Campus, at no cost to UB.     

The private partner will design, finance, build, equip and operate a 3,100 sq m building with 100 beds plus facilities such as a bar and restaurant.    

Under the terms of the 40-year concession the contractor will have to pay 5% of gross annual income to the UB. with an estimated value of over €6m.    

Parties interested have until January 25 2016 to submit proposals for the €6m project. Bids will be opened in February.     

In October, a UB Faculty of Law PPP project was awarded to a consortium of Spanish developers Acciona and Acsa.