Welsh infra commission launched

Welsh government sets out plans to establish National Infrastructure Commission for Wales; consultation process launched

Welsh Economy Secretary Ken Skates has launched plans for the creation of a National Infrastructure Commission for Wales (NICfW).

The commission is to provide technical expert advice on decisions around all economic and environmental infrastructure in Wales, including energy, transport, water and sewerage, drainage, digital communications and flood management.

NICfW will publish an annual report on its work, as well as undertake individual commissioned projects. The Wales Infrastructure Investment Plan would continue to be set by the government, informed by the work of this commission. 

It will also work alongside the UK Infrastructure Commission where responsibilities interact.

Skates said: “Our establishment of the National Infrastructure Commission will move us towards a better informed, longer term strategy for infrastructure investment which supports the principles of our Well-Being of Future Generations Act.”

The government wants the NICfW to be up and running in the next 12 months. A consultation document has been published, with views on how the NICfW should operate due by 9 January 2017.