Needs Assessment calls for road pricing

The Institution of Civil Engineers’ (ICE) first National Needs Assessment has called on the government to establish new forms of funding for road infrastructure, including considering a road pricing system.

The Needs Assessment sets out a wide range of measures that it suggests the government should be taking to help improve infrastructure planning and delivery across the country, over the long-term.

One of the key messages from the document is the need for a “new strategic, connected approach” to infrastructure, as well as the importance of reducing the cost of building and operating infrastructure.

The report also backs the planned National Infrastructure Assessment, which will be carried out by the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC).

The ICE’s National Needs Assessment will inform the work being undertaken by the NIC, which has welcomed the report.

“As we at the NIC move forward with the UK’s first National Infrastructure Assessment, gathering and reviewing the evidence, analysis and arguments, the National Needs Assessment represents a timely and important contribution to that debate,” said NIC chief executive Phil Graham.

“The commission is enormously grateful to the ICE and all of those who have contributed to this excellent piece of work, and we look forward to working with them all in the future.”