SA is 'infra gateway for continent'

South Africa can be a gateway for infrastructure investors to come into the whole region, a government official has claimed.

Strover Maganedisa, acting chief director, transaction advisory services & PPPs at South Africa's National Treasury, has suggested that the country will act as a gateway for investors to come into sub-Saharan Africa – in part because South Africa and other countries are keen to develop multi-billion, cross-border projects that will need a range of funding and financing sources.

Speaking at the CCPPP annual conference in Toronto, Maganedisa pointed to plans for a north-south corridor that are currently with the president for consideration. “The infrastructure to be delivered there is more than one country can deliver,” he said.

“The policy is that South Africa needs to become a gateway for infrastructure to the entire region, so that Investors have the opportunity to spread out to the entire region.”

Maganedisa added that the South African government is planning to bring to market a schools project, covering over 100 schools across the country, “early next year”.