Wales pledges long-term infra funding

The Welsh government has committed to a five-year programme of transport capital investment, to be delivered by its transport agency.

Its new economic action plan has been published and includes the aim to create the new five-year funding programme through Transport for Wales.

The document suggests that the five-year programme will “ensure we can deliver these projects in the most efficient and effective way and with a headline target of driving 15-20% efficiencies across the five-year investment portfolio for new projects”.

Meanwhile, the economic plan also sets out a proposal to establish “a partnership between the public and private sector to ensure users, developers and manufacturers of automated and electric vehicles are able to realise benefits from these transformative technologies”.

The document also pledges that the National Infrastructure Commission for Wales will inform the government’s approach as it identifies the country’s future infrastructure needs for the next 5-30 years.

Wales is looking to increase the use of private investment in infrastructure through its Mutual Investment Model, although the economic action plan document makes no reference to this.