ITPD for Irish housing ‘imminent’

Financing Irish Infrastructure 2017: Ireland’s Housing Bundle 1 PPP scheme is due to go out to dialogue in the coming days.

Gerard Cahillane, deputy director and head of operations & finance at the National Development Finance Agency, told delegates at Financing Irish Infrastructure that planning is now in place for all the sites and shortlisting has taken place.

As a result, the issue to participate in dialogue (ITPD) is now scheduled to be issued “very  shortly”, he said.

Cahillane also confirmed at the event that the 10 Year Capital Plan and National Planning Framework are due to be published early in 2018, before the end of the first quarter.

Housing was a  major focus in the  first half  of  the conference, as speakers pointed  to the expected increase in population over the coming decades that will result in a significant increase in the requirement for accommodation.

“We are going to have to get thousands of people used to the idea of loving in apartments,” said Hazel Jones, of Bartra Capital.