EoI for Perth housing deal

Developers are being sought to partner with the Western Australia government to deliver high-density housing in the Perth metropolitan region.

The Housing Authority, which forms part of the Department of Communities, is seeking to collaborate with a private sector developer for the Burt Street Project in Fremantle.

Under the plans, the developer will be responsible for development management from ‘concept-to-keys’, including design and approvals, brand development, sales and marketing, financing, construction, and arrangement of titles.

The site is 1.37 hectares, with four street frontages, and can support up to 250 dwellings.

The Housing Authority has established four key objectives:  

  • Affordability and Diversity - Achieve a mix of affordable, diverse and appropriate housing to meet the needs of people from a range of backgrounds, life stages and incomes.
  • Design Quality - Demonstrate excellence in design by creating a high-quality integrated built form development that reinforces Fremantle’s reputation as a great place to live.
  • Innovation - Demonstrate innovation in built form design, construction methods, sustainability and/or commercial structures that have the potential to be replicated across the Affordable Housing market.
  • Community - Create a strong sense of place. Facilitate a thriving community that contributes to the Fremantle area both socially and economically.

A memorandum of understanding has been agreed between the City of Fremantle and the government for provision of affordable housing, and specifies consultation with the local community and the design advisory committee during the design and approvals process. 

Responses are due by 16 February 2018, with a shortlist expected in April, and a winner in October.