Auckland plans $25bn infra Budget

Auckland’s Mayor has proposed spending $25bn over 10 years on infrastructure, with partnerships considered across sectors.

Increasing infrastructure spend to ease congestion, improving housing affordability and cleaning up water quality, while ensuring rates are kept low, will be Mayor Phil Goff’s key priorities in Auckland’s 10-Year Budget.

The mayor’s proposal is the start of the consultation process, with councillors voting next month on what items are to be consulted on and a public consultation in March 2018. 

The document suggests a further source of funding for transport and other infrastructure is an investment partnership model, such as that being led by Crown Infrastructure Partners, which was re-purposed earlier this year from the state-owned broadband company Crown Fibre Holdings to attract private investment in roads and water infrastructure that open up land for more housing development. 

The investment partnership model is suggested for housing, transport and the city’s $1bn Central Interceptor waste water project. It also proposes further work needs to be done on the future of Eden Park in the context of any proposal for a national stadium. 

“Progress in discussions with the government and the availability of private sector funding will determine the nature and timing of this work and implementation of the regional stadium strategy,” the document adds. 

Last month Goff, a proponent of the model, visited London to learn more about PPP.