Adonis calls for cities strategy

Lord Adonis, chair of the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) has urged the government to develop a “clear strategy” for investment in cities.

Responding to the government’s pledge to invest £1.7bn in a fund to support transport links between cities, Lord Adonis said that while the fund would support the economic potential of the UK’s cities, more work is needed on a long-term basis.

“This needs to be part of a wider and longer-term investment strategy, so our cities can plan for the future,” he said.

He pointed to the NIC’s interim National Infrastructure Assessment, which found that a clear strategy is needed for investment in cities.

“And ahead of work starting on HS2 next year I would also like to see serious progress on the much-needed HS3 between our Northern cities, and work to increase capacity in the capital through Crossrail 2, to help ensure the country as a whole can truly reach its economic potential,” he added.