Homes England launches new partnership approach

Housing agency Homes England has unveiled a new partnership model, joining with public authorities to support housing growth in targeted areas.

The Strategic Pace Partnership (SPP) is being piloted with both Greater Manchester Combined Authority and the Association of South Essex Local Authorities.

The new model is aimed at sub-regions with the most ambitious proposals for housing growth as part of their broader social, environmental and economic vision for the area.

According to Homes England, the SPP agreement with the local region is centred around a shared business plan that sets out special and thematic priorities.

“This partnership will give a major boost to the work we’re already doing across Greater Manchester to address the national housing crisis,” said Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham.

Homes England cautioned that the model will not work for every sub-region, adding that it is adopting a “place-first approach to transformational regeneration, responding to the individual circumstances, aspirations and needs of each place, and working with local leaders to unlock barriers”.