Five in for Greek schools PPP

The Greek Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has received five bids for its schools PPP bundle.

Under the plans, the winning team will deliver 17 new schools across the Region of Central Macedonia, requiring around €125m of investment.

The teams that submitted bids are:

  • Aktor Concessions

  • Avax

  • Ekter & Eretvo

  • Mytilinaios & Atese

  • Tekal

Orestis Kavalakis, Greece’s Secretary General of Private Investments and PPPs at the Ministry of Development and Investments said that “PPPs form an important development tool” for the country, which can result in “a significant positive impact in favour of the local societies and the Greek economy.”

Meanwhile, Greece’s Inter-Ministerial PPP Committee has approved two more PPP projects with an investment cost of €254m, on top of the €1.5bn worth of projets in July.