Scotland launches Construction Accord

The Scottish construction industry and public sector have come together to agree a way forward to modernise and transform the market.

Following a period of consultation with interested parties, the Scottish Construction Accord has been officially launched, aiming to drive key priorities for industry-wide development.

The accord has been launched by Minister for Business Trade, Tourism and Enterprise, Ivan McKee, alongside Peter Reekie, chief executive of the Scottish Futures Trust, and Ron Fraser, chair of Construction Scotland Industry Leadership Group.

“This industry-wide accord contains a real commitment to ensuring construction remains a valuable contributor to the economy, while delivering change aligned with our National Strategy for Economic Transformation,” said McKee. “As a major investor in infrastructure, the Scottish government has a strategic and important role to play in ensuring the industry is fit for the future.”

“The Scottish Construction Accord and the forthcoming Transformation Action Plan recognises that change is needed and we can only deliver it by working together,” added Reekie.

“We need to bring in new and diverse talent and ensure the whole workforce has the competencies to support the future of the industry and we need to build and maintain assets in different ways using different materials to deliver a net zero, carbon-built environment.”