White House unveils infra acceleration action plan

President Joe Biden has launched the Accelerating Infrastructure Action Plan, aimed at boosting the delivery of projects across the country.

The new action plan aims to complement the Permitting Action Plan released in May, by expanding on efforts to accelerate project planning, design and construction.

Key actions contained in the new plan include the creation of the Department of Transportation (DOT) Project Delivery Center of Excellence to support and educate transportation infrastructure project managers at all levels; and the expansion of the Federal Highway Administration’s Every Day Counts Program, a federal-state collaborative partnership which identifies and deploys new ways to accelerate the delivery of highway infrastructure, including innovations applicable to transit and rail projects.

The White House also pointed to the recently-signed Inflation Reduction Act, which provides $1bon over the next 10 years for federal agencies to support the timely review of major federal infrastructure projects, along with training for more effective community engagement.

A White House fact sheet suggested that while the federal government will continue to drive efforts to accelerate projects, there will be a need for local authorities to support this focus.

“With over 90% of Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funding being delivered by non-federal agencies, our state, Tribal, regional, territorial, local and industry partners must also find ways to accelerate the delivery of infrastructure,” it said.