Sturgeon outlines independence plans

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has set out proposals for an independent Scotland, including plans to work with the private sector to deliver new infrastructure.

Sturgeon has published Building a New Scotland: A stronger economy with independence, which outlines how the Scottish government would progress the country’s economy if it were to become an independent nation.

In the publication’s section on transitioning Scotland to a Net Zero economy, it sets out how the government and private sector will need to work together to deliver that ambition.

“We would continue to explore how government investment can lever in private capital and jointly deliver on our priorities with the private sector,” it says. 

Among the Net Zero ambitions set out is decarbonising the country’s housing stock, as well as accelerating the development of a major new industry by investing in hydrogen production, transportation and storage.

The document sets out the case for a major new infrastructure fund that would enable capital spending of £20bn over the first decade of independence. The Building a New Scotland Fund would use oil and gas revenues and provide a one-off, decade-long investment as the country looks to shift from reliance on oil and gas supplies to renewable energy sources.

According to the publication, the investment would help to unlock private sector capital and investment.

Setting out the case for independence, Sturgeon said: “To prevent further economic damage being inflicted by Westminster governments, independence is now essential.”

The Scottish government is waiting on the Supreme Court to rule on whether it is allowed to organise an independence vote without the consent of the UK government in Westminster.