UKIB issues call for EV charging schemes

The head of banking at the UK Infrastructure Bank has called on companies and local authorities to get in touch to discuss potential electric vehicle (EV) charging projects.

Ian Brown - UKIB

In an effort to boost the number of charging points available across the country, Ian Brown has urged organisations to speak to the bank about supporting investible schemes.

Recognising the uncertainties facing investors when considering EV charging infrastructure, Brown said: “Private investors need to take a calculated risk. We at the bank are ready to join you. The EV sector strongly aligns with our mission to deploy public money into infrastructure projects to help tackle climate change and boost regional and local economic growth.”

The bank is already supporting EV charging rollout through the Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund (CIIF), managed by Zouk, however Brown added: “Alongside our continued support of ongoing investment at CIIF, we would also like to hear directly from companies or local authorities with investible EV projects.”

Interested parties can make an enquiry to the UKIB on its website: