Second market engagement for Hampshire DPC

Phase two has been launched of the ongoing market engagement exercise for Southern Water’s direct procurement for customers (DPC) project.

The water company is planning to appoint a private partner to design, build, finance, maintain and operate a £587m project to provide long-term water supply resilience to the region.

“Southern Water would like to gain market insight on a range of topics which are critical to the programme, including but not limited to commercial, illustrative design and procurement,” the periodic indicative notice said.

This notice follows a prior information notice issued in February this year, seeking initial feedback on the DPC plan.

A virtual ‘town hall’ event will take place on 9 December 2022, followed by a series of virtual one-to-one meetings in January and February 2023.

Southern Water anticipates holding further market engagement phases throughout 2023 and potentially into 2024, with a contract notice expected to be published in June 2024.

To see the full notice, click here.