£2bn Coventry energy partnership tendered

Coventry City Council has issued a contract notice for its £2bn Strategic Energy Partner initiative.

The authority is seeking private partners to sit alongside it in a long-term contractual joint venture relationship to deliver a series of objectives, including influencing the review of energy needs in the city; support the development of a five-year energy infrastructure strategy; and to identify and then fund projects to deliver on that strategy.

Under the wide-ranging initiative, the partner will also be the operating partner for the council in operating and maintaining the relevant projects.

Coventry has identified five anchor projects that will act as the initial schemes to get the programme underway.

The £2bn contract value covers the potential investment in decarbonisation of energy in Coventry, using “a multitude of funding sources, including third party investment, partner investment, and if appropriate and with sound business case, investment from the city council”, the tender states.

Interested parties have until 31 January 2023 to respond, with shortlisted bidders scheduled to be sent an invitation to tender on 8 March. To read the tender, click here.