North ‘needs to install 470 EV charge points per week’

The North of England needs to install up to 161,000 electric vehicle (EV) charge points by 2030, according to public agency Transport for the North (TfN).

Launching its bespoke regional Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (EVCI) Framework, the agency said its evidence suggests that there are currently around 8,000 public charge points across the North, which is just 5% of the connections needed across the region by 2030 to support drivers switching to electric vehicles.

The framework aims to support local, regional and national partners in the strategic planning and deployment of EV charging infrastructure.

As part of this, it looks to help inform and enhance delivery through partnership with the private sector.

Delivery of the EV charging points necessary to support a country in which sales of most petrol and diesel-based vehicles will be banned after 2030 will require a major push from both the public and private sectors.

There is an expectation that a range of models, including PPPs, will help drive up delivery of new EV charging points. Last month, Manchester-based EV public charging network Be.EV secured £110m of private sector investment from Octopus Energy Generation to boost the rollout of charging infrastructure across the region.