IO appoints PMIS provider

Infrastructure Ontario (IO) has appointed a provider of capital programs and construction project management information solutions (PMIS) to track its investment program.

Trillium Broader Redevelopment Project - one of IO's P3 projects currently in procurement

The agency has brought in Kahua to help track its capital improvement plan by replacing obsolete systems and consolidating efforts into one tool.

IO will utilize Kahua on projects where it provides advice and negotiation support to the government and public sector partners regarding commercial transactions, including major land developments.

“Kahua is an excellent fit for Infrastructure Ontario's upcoming capital projects,” said Scott Unger, Kahua CEO. "IO requires a PMIS that can handle a diverse set of needs, including superior P3 oversight and cost management. We are proud to provide that for them.”

Kahua also provides valuable experience working with major government entities and extensive knowledge of P3 projects, the company said.