Suez signs Uzbek water deals

French giant Suez has signed a series of major water and sanitation PPP projects in Uzbekistan.

The largest deal will see Suez work alongside the Uzbek national water company Uzsuvtaminot, the Municipality of Tashkent and the central government to deliver major upgrades to the capital city’s wastewater network.

Suez will invest €142m over the next seven years into the modernisation of the water and sanitation networks, including digitising the infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the French firm will also work with Uzsuvtaminot to improve the national water network through upgrading and expanding water services at a national level.

Furthermore, Suez has also signed a deal that will see future “significant investment” into the Surxandarya region’s water infrastructure.

“We are absolutely committed to making this national transformation of the Uzbek water sector a success, with flagship projects to be showcased in the whole Central Asian region,” said Sabrina Soussan, chairman and chief executive officer of Suez.

Separately, the government has tendered a 400-bed student accommodation PPP project. Click here for the full tender, which expires on 6 January 2023.