Fitch predicts wave of EV P3s

Rating agency Fitch has said that federal spending will “rapidly expand EV infrastructure”, particularly pointing out a key role for P3s.

The agency said that urban areas are “conducive to demand-based infrastructure P3s”, the economically disadvantaged areas such as rural communities, which are the focus of IIJA "may lend itself the use of availability payment-based P3s”.

These kinds of availability payment EV charges will “expose the sponsoring government, not the developer, to demand risks”, Fitch added.

As expected, Fitch predicts that states with previous experience with P3s will lead the charge for EV P3s, as has been noticed in authorities such as Pennsylvania DOT’s recent funding applications.

Some in the industry have questioned the suitability of the P3 model in the widespread rollout of EV infrastructure. Click here to read more.