Hawaii PSD to seek funding for P3

The Hawaii Department of Public Safety (PSD) will seek further funding from the legislature to continue its procurement of a new Oahu Community Correctional Center (OCCC).

In its latest update, the authority expressed frustration that the legislature had failed to take action to approve funds, saying that the lack of action “meant that another year has passed without taking steps to build a new facility”.

However, it said it will return to the legislature when it convenes its new session on January 18, 2023, to request the funds needed to move the project forward.

Meanwhile, the PSD has also robustly defended its approach to procuring a new OCCC, including the use of the P3 model, following the publication of a paper prepared by the Correctional Reform Working Group and presented to the Hawaii Correctional System Oversight Commission (HCSOC) in October 2022.

“Upon careful review, the report was found to contain serious inaccuracies, false statements, misinformation, and other deficiencies that gave the HCSOC and other readers incorrect and incomplete information about the proposed OCCC,” the PSD said.

In relation to the use of the P3 model, it said that “prejudice” against it is “unfounded”, adding that a P3 approach was recommended following a “thorough business case analysis” comparing various forms of available procurement.