UK plans onshore wind consultation

The UK government has pledged to launch a technical consultation on proposed changes to the national planning policy to explore how local authorities can be more involved in the development of onshore wind farms.

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“Decisions on onshore wind sites will continue to be made at a local level as these are best made by local representatives who know their areas best and are democratically accountable to the local community,” the Levelling Up department said.

“To deliver a more localist approach, and its commitments in the British Energy Security Strategy, the government will consult on proposed changes to national planning policy.”

The consultation is a signal that the UK government may be more open to allowing the development of new onshore wind farms.

Any new developments will also need to be connected to the Grid, raising the prospect of more interconnectors and potentially returning regulator Ofgem to its previous plans to establish a regime for competitively tendered onshore transmission lines similar to the OFTO regime for offshore wind developments.