Governor backs Hawaii Stadium P3

Hawaii’s incoming governor has given his backing to plans to deliver a new stadium and entertainment district under the P3 model - reversing the previous governor’s plans.

Josh Green has told Hawaii News Now that he intends to revert to the P3 contract, believing that this will get the project off the ground more quickly. 

“It’s always been my approach to bring the private sector,” he said.

“We don’t get anything if we don’t begin - we don’t get the downstream revenues from retail, we don’t get the taxes, we get nothing.”

Previous governor, David Ige, had been progressing the P3 model - with shortlisted teams vying for both the stadium and entertainment district P3 contracts. However, in September this year, Ige halted the stadium project, announcing instead that the legislature had provided sufficient funds for that scheme.

Green’s latest intervention means both the stadium and entertainment district projects can now progress towards finding a preferred bidder under P3 arrangements.