Denver water P3 “moving toward” delivery method

The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) fourth P3 pilot project is currently working through a range of options and is moving closer to determining the specific alternative delivery approach to be used.

Ashlee Grace, director of the Waterway Resiliency Program (WATR) at the City and County of Denver, explained that a lot of work is currently ongoing to develop the documentation for the project, which will improve 6.5 miles of waterway and improve flood resiliency along the route.

In a podcast published by the USACE, Grace gave an update on the work going on to prepare the scheme - formerly known as the South Platte River and Tributaries Project - to be tendered.

“We need to spend time on the forefront building a really solid foundation,” she said, adding that there have been “a lot of conversations about risk and where that belongs”.

While the specific alternative delivery approach has not yet been defined, Grace said they are moving toward that, as they consider things such as what the risks are and how they can be best apportioned to different parties.

The podcast, which can be found here, was hosted by Aaron Snyder, who was recently promoted by the USACE to the new role of director of its water infrastructure financing program.