EXCLUSIVE: “Incredible interest” in AIAI’s P3 public sector certification

Credit: AIAI

A new certification program aimed at enhancing public sector P3 skills has drawn significant interest from the industry, with entrants particularly keen to boost community-based and social infrastructure knowledge.

The Association for the Improvement of American Infrastructure (AIAI) launched its new program at the P3C conference in Dallas this year. It seeks to provide owners with a "solid foundation and understanding of the P3 model as they pursue project success", said Lisa Buglione, AIAI's executive director.

The students, led by the former director of the Virginia Department of Transportation, Thomas Sherman, receive a core curriculum that includes business case analysis, private financing and contract management, as well as more specialized "elective" modules on their particular focus.

"Being armed with the knowledge of alternative delivery methods, the removal of doubt and the confidence to address misconceptions - it all allows owners to be able to add P3 as another tool to the procurement toolbox, to broaden their options and leverage their funding to address their overall capital program," added Buglione.

Chair of the AIAI’s education committee and national director of P3 for WSP, Sallye Perrin, said the association is "encouraged by the incredible interest we have had from the public sector for this training", which pulled 52 entrants to its debut intake. 

A significant number of entrants have joined from agencies pursuing projects in relatively new P3 sectors such as community-based infrastructure projects including affordable housing, K-12, higher education and community centers and courthouses.

"It is so important for the infrastructure industry that owners have an opportunity to gain in-depth education and insights about the procurement and delivery of infrastructure through P3s," Perrin added.

For more information, visit the AIAI’s website by clicking here.