World Bank says private infra investment “continues to improve”

Credit: Getty

Private investment into infrastructure increased by 21% last year as countries continue to rebound after the Covid-19 pandemic - although the figure is still lagging behind pre-pandemic levels.

The World Bank’s report says a total of $91.7bn was invested across 263 countries, 75% of which was in China, Brazil, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Europe and Central Asia’s fortunes were down, posting the lowest figures in the last 10 years, with the reduction down mainly to Russia’s war in Ukraine meaning neither country posted PPI data. Latin America & the Caribbean saw a rise of 16% on last year’s investment figures.

Overall, 68% of investment was in the transport sector, with energy projects pulling 21% of investment.

“As the world staggers out of multiple crises, I’m pleased to see that early signs of investment recovery continue to hold,” said Imad Fakhoury, the World Bank’s global director for infrastructure finance, PPPs & guarantees. 

“However, still much more investment is needed. At a time of tightening public budgets, the world has no choice but to enable and scale up mobilizing the private sector to invest in green, resilient, inclusive and climate-smart quality infrastructure.”

The full report can be found here.