NIC, CCC urge increased infra resilience

The UK government needs to improve the resiliency of key infrastructure services to enable a successful transition to a Net Zero economy, two expert bodies have said.

A letter to ministers has been jointly written by the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) and the Climate Change Committee (CCC), urging five key steps to accelerate national adaptation planning to protect key networks.

Among these are setting clear and measurable goals for resilience, plus embedding resilience in infrastructure planning.

Such changes will be critical, the organisations said, as the government looks to drive the Net Zero agenda and implement the energy transition. This will include a greater reliance on electricity, meaning improved resiliency of the Grid and investment into new transmission lines.

“We must not delay improving the resilience of UK infrastructure to protect the country from the well-understood risks of the UK’s changing climate,” the letter concluded.

To read the letter in full, click here.