Brazil’s lighting P3 scene continues hot streak

Credit: B3

Winner and further pipeline announcements made as Brazilian authorities utilize multilateral assistance to bring street lighting P3s to fruition.

Ponto Grosso’s 47,000 street lighting points concession has been awarded to the Ponta Grossa-Luz consortium, which bid at a 54% discount.

Local Mayor Elizabeth Schmidt said the award “fulfilled yet another dream” urging actors to “innovate more and more, modernize and believe that with planning and work, every dream is possible”.

The IFC and Caixa joined forces with the authority to help structure and promote the project, and recently highlighted two more projects on the way.

The Ribeirão Preto and Olinda authorities recently posted edicts for 83,000 and 26,000 lighting point concessions respectively, which are approaching auctions. More information on these can be found here and here.