Ponta Grossa Streetlighting P3: Full teams revealed

The companies behind the successful consortium, as well as those involved in the shortlisted bidders, has been revealed on Brazil’s Ponta Grossa Stretlighting P3 project.

The Ponta Grossa-Luz consortium was announced as the winning bidder on the deal earlier this week. It comprises Stylux Greentech Sistemas De Iluminação E Energia, together with Trajeto Energia E Comércio.

Meanwhile, three other teams had been shortlisted for the project, which will deliver the modernization of over 47,000 streetlighting points in Ponta Grossa.

Those teams were: Luz de Ponta Grossa (comprising Enel X Brasil and Selt Engenharia); Concip Ponta Grossa (Sigma Engenharia, Sitran, and Fiscal Tecnologia E Automação); and Ilumina Ponta Grossa (Tecnoluz Eletricidade and Nexway Comércio E Prestação De Serviços Em Energia).