Ottawa approves LRT action plan

Ottawa City Council has approved the action plan put in place in response to the recommendations of the public inquiry into the city’s light rail P3 project.

In November last year, the Ottawa Light Rail Transit Commission concluded that there had been “persistent failures in leadership, partnership and communications” on the project and set out a number of recommendations on how to move forward with the scheme.

The action plan was then drawn up by the city authority in response, and in April this year that plan was published, subject to approval by the relevant committees within the authority.

This week, the city council gave its final sign-off on the plan, which will see 103 recommendations implemented, with an aim for that to be achieved by the end of this year.

When Ottawa first published its action plan in April, it said 36 of the 103 recommendations were already complete or “have been incorporated into ongoing City policies for implementation into future projects”.