EXCLUSIVE: Colorado governor “aggressively” pursuing partnerships for housing

Credit: Getty

Colorado Governor Jared Polis has signed a bill that will empower the state’s P3 unit for housing projects.

“We are aggressively making parcels of state-owned land available for housing,” Governor Polis told P3 Bulletin.  “Coloradans are facing challenges around where they can afford to live, with some being forced out of their neighborhoods through no fault of their own or option of living near where they work. Our administration is focused on solving our housing needs.”

The bill enables the authorities to utilize state-owned land for projects, providing $13m in funds to support the efforts.

It comes on the back of major legislation in 2021 and 2022 that created a path for the state to move forward with the P3 concept, including the creation of the P3 Collaboration Unit.

In addition to pursuing P3 housing-related projects, the unit is also evaluating P3s to address behavioral health capacity, broadband deployment and childcare services.

In the coming weeks, P3 Bulletin will be publishing an in-depth article on Colorado’s P3 future, with more views from Governor Polis, plus Natriece Bryant, who heads the P3 Collaboration Unit.