Climate toolkit for PPPs released

Credit: Getty

The IFC has unveiled a new “umbrella toolkit” to help guide PPPs through climate risks.

The IFC’s Public-Private Partnerships Advisory and Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF), along with the Global Infrastructure Facility, have produced the initiative to help give governments “practical tools to recognize climate risks and opportunities in infrastructure PPPs” to help “facilitate private sector involvement in low-carbon and resilient infrastructure projects”.

The five sectors covered are renewable energy, roads, digital, hydropower and water & waste, covering all stages of project development from identification to tendering.

“This toolkit aims to address this challenge by incorporating a climate lens into PPP advisory work and structuring. Well-structured PPPs can enhance climate resilience, offering solutions for both mitigation and adaptation challenges,” the IFC said. “By allocating risks effectively between partners and providing long-term visibility and stability, PPPs compensate for the uncertainty of climate change through contractual predictability.”

The toolkits can be found by clicking here.