Colombia’s flagship canal P3 signed

Credit: ANI

Colombia’s National Infrastructure Agency (ANI) has signed a commencement agreement for the $3.2bn Canal del Dique restoration P3.

Under the plans, the Sacyr-led Ecosistemas del Dique P3 consortium will invest around $3.2bn into the project which will see construction continue until 2028, with a 9/nine-year operations and maintenance period commencing afterwards.

The project will ensure the navigability of over 100km of the canal, stretching from Calamar and the Bay of Cartagena, through the construction of multiple locks and sluice gates.

The project’s initiation is a major milestone for the country, especially after its other major waterway P3, River Magdalena, failed to secure any bids.

“This is a historic milestone in terms of intermodality for the country,” said Jonathan Bernal, president of the ANI.