HFR plan submitted to Canada’s parliament

Credit: VIA

Transport Minister Omar Alghabra has submitted a corporate plan summary for the High Frequency Rail (HFR) P3 scheme to Canada’s parliament, a key step in the project's process.

The summary sets out the plan for VIA HFR, the special entity set up by the government to deliver the project, for the next few years as it looks to take “critical” steps in “readying itself for its role in the co-development phase, and other future phases”.

According to the plan, the sheer scale of the project was one of the reasons why the government selected a P3 and the co-development approach for the project, adding that it would “bring the best expertise from Canadian and international firms to deliver the best services for Canadians”.

HFR will see a new 1,000km intercity passenger network delivered to connect Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City.

The full plan can be found by clicking here.