Sole team submits bid for Peru healthcare P3

Credit: ProInversion

Peru’s Chimbote and Piura healthcare concession could be awarded next week after one bid was received.

IBT Health was the sole bidder and will now have its economic and technical proposal evaluated by ProInversion ahead of an award proposal next week.

Four teams, including major players such as Acciona and OHLA, were pre-qualified for the project, after nearly 20 teams registered interest at previous stages.

If awarded, the IBT Health will deliver a $109m hospital in Piura and a $143m hospital in Chimbote – each will have an operation and management period of 17 years.

ProInversion’s executive director José Salardi said the project revival of the bid is an “important step for the concession delivery of these two hospitals -long awaited- that will help reduce the gap in infrastructure and health services.”