Edmonton’s Valley Line P3 working on opening date after successful tests

Credit: Edmonton Valley Line

The beleaguered Valley Line P3 project in Edmonton, Canada, has reached a “huge milestone” as it passes key performance tests.

The performance tests come after major faults were found in critical support pillars during initial testing, only months before the project was set to open to the public.

While a setback, at the time the P3 model was noted by the city manager Andrew Corbould as providing key financial protection to the public while the issue was sorted.

The new update from the consortium said that its tests have met performance expectations, and also sparked new upgrades to cabling, to upgrade its future reliability. TransEd will make this investment at its own expense.

TransEd is now submitting its results to the independent certifier, and consulting with the city to agree an opening date.

“This is a huge milestone and brings us one step closer to delivering and operating a new transportation option that will serve the needs of a growing and changing Edmonton population,” said Ronald Joncas, TransEd’s chief executive officer.