Sao Paulo highlights strong P3 outlook

Credit: Getty

The Government of Sao Paulo has issued an update highlighting major P3 projects progressing this year.

Major projects such as the North & West Axis elements of the Intercity Trains P3 are being undertaken, alongside major highway projects, that will bring in over $40bn of investment into the state’s infrastructure.

The state currently has a pipeline of over 18 projects under its Investment Partnerships Program (PPI).

In the statement, the state quoted Governor Tarcísio de Freitas saying that his government “believes in private initiative, in private capital as a driver of development, which relieves the state.

Adding that, “what was thought many years ago will be realized now”.

Earlier this year, Sao Paolo set an auction date for the project Trem Intercidades rail P3, which will deliver a major rail connection between Sao Paulo City and Campinas city for $1.9bn.

Furthermore, the state highlighted the successful auctioning of the North Section of the Rodoanel concession, unsticking the paralyzed ring road P3.