PPP ‘on the table’ for Auckland Harbour tunnels

The New Zealand government has not ruled out using private finance to help it deliver a second crossing under the Waitemata Harbour.

Credit: Getty

Two new three-lane road tunnels, plus a separate light rail tunnel linking to the existing Auckland Light Rail, has been proposed by the government, with options to phase their delivery.

“A second harbour crossing is needed as soon as possible, and construction is planned to start by the end of this decade and why we are proposing a phased approach, ensuring additional capacity is achieved after each stage,” said Prime Minister Chris Hipkins.

When asked whether a PPP approach could be used to deliver the project, Hipkins responded that “all options in how we fund this are still on the table”, the New Zealand Herald reported.

PPPs have dropped out of fashion in New Zealand over recent years, with the incumbent Labour Party showing antipathy towards the model - especially in the wake of the overruns on the Transmission Gully road PPP

However, opposition parties have increasingly been touting the model as part of their investment plans ahead of this year’s elections.