Timeline set for Colombia railway P3

Credit: ANI

Colombia’s private investment agency ANI has posted initial specifications for the La Dorada - Chiriguaná P3 project.

Current specifications can be found on the state’s Secop II procurement sites, until December, with the final project details and procurement set to open in the first semester of 2024.

ANI said prospective proponents can access the current specification to “consolidate their respective proposals”.

FDN is currently structuring the projects that will see a concession deliver the $2.5bn railway corridor reactivation project.

ANI is also carrying out feasibility studies on the Bogotá - Cundinamarca Metropolitan Region & the port of Buenaventura with the Central Railroad corridors.

“The railway reactivation went from being a plan to a reality; La Dorada - Chiriguaná is the first PPP of the Government of Change,” said Minister of Transportation, William Camargo Triana. He added that the project will promote “the energy transition and generating opportunities that allow connectivity, progress, equity and social transformation in Colombia”.