EXCLUSIVE: Headwinds ‘catalyzing Canadian P3 market’

The difficulties facing the P3 market has catalyzed the industry to work together in an effort to find solutions collaboratively, the Canadian Council for PPPs (CCPP) chief executive has told P3 Bulletin.

Speaking on the latest episode of the 3Ps in a Pod podcast, Lisa Mitchell said the industry is facing a “perfect storm” of issues - but experts have rallied to the CCPPP’s call to come together to discuss the difficult issues and navigate routes through in a collaborative fashion.

During her speech at the CCPPP conference in November last year, Mitchell called for the industry to “reflect and reposition ourselves” for the challenges of the future.

In the podcast, she said there had been a “fantastic” response to this call, adding: “We have created new opportunities for folks to come to the table and provide their input and help shape the future…of the model and how we evolve.”

Looking to the future, she said: “There is the opportunity for the industry to really shape and mould the future of the industry and what P3s look like in Canada.”

To listen to the full podcast with Lisa Mitchell, click here.